The Brickyard Code

Please respect the local flora and Fauna, we are lucky enough to share this land with the most amazing creatures. They know we are here and keep to themselves but if we don’t disturb them we can all carry on side by side.

Fires and firewood

You are welcome to take fallen branches, dead wood, for your campfire. After several years of people doing this the larger bits are hard to find so we sell decent sized bags, just ask Tim.

Rings of bricks have been placed at each camp for your fire. Please do not move these without asking.

At all times be safe with fire and take the usual precautions



The Industrial Remains of 19th Century Brickmaking

There are the ruins of the old brickmaking industry onsite, for example the old kiln. Please respect these old installations in their decrepitude. Not only are they part of the character of the site but they are unsafe. The mortar is crumbling and large pieces of brickwork can break free at any time. Please do not climb on the ruins.


The site has several ponds, they are all pretty shallow but they do present a risk to small children. Please be aware of this if you are camping with children. It would be worth showing the pond to the children and explaining that they should be careful when running around not to fall in…it would be very muddy!

Scrapes and scratches

Part of the character of the brickyard is it’s natural feel, the feeling that the land has been forgotten and only just re-discovered. This natural feel can’t be faked, it is genuine and we love it like that. Unfortunately this means that there are still plenty of plants that will sting or scratch. We do our best to keep areas free of stinging and scratching stuff but please be aware, especially if you have small children. First aid is available at the house.

The scaffold tower

The scaffold tower is not for public use. 30 or 40 years ago this site was briefly used as a shooting club. The scaffold tower is a relic from that incarnation. It is still used occasionally by the game keepers so we would like to keep it. Please respect the signage and do not attempt to climb it.

First Aid

We keep a fully stocked first aid kit at the house for all minor accidents. Please come and tell us if there has been an accident as we will be able to help. If there is a more serious problem we can also help direct emergency services to the right location.